NFT Artist


Noted NFT Artist Bakeneko Offers
His Creative
Take on Cars.

Many in the automotive industry probably haven’t heard of Bakeneko, an established artist whose zany and colorful works have been popular sellers on the NFT marketplace. Well, that’s about to change because Bakeneko–which in Japanese is the name of a mystical cat that transforms into a demon–has collaborated with KurumaNFT to offer truly original takes on various car genres, starting with his debut automotive collection, the “JDM.” Those who have been following us on social media have seen samples of the first of this series, which centers around a truly unique-looking Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 set in a bizarre world of bright colors and backgrounds that bring the car and its surroundings to life. In Bakeneko’s world, the world is a cacophony of shapes and colors that appear chaotic but is in reality truly balanced. KurumaNFT will be dropping 1000 Bakeneko JDMs, each piece unique.“I see these originals as one of the first examples of NFT art crossing over to the car world. It is a very special project, and I’m looking forward to creating more automotive-based NFT art in the near future,” Bakeneko said.

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