Celebration of Spoon Sports Racing History In The U.S.,

To celebrate Spoon’s 20-year racing history in the U.S., KurumaNFT will be launching an officially-licensed Spoon Collection x KurumaCards. This limited collection of 1950 digital cards contains ALL of Spoon’s past Thunderhill race cars, including the latest FK8 Civic Type R that the team ran in partnership with GoTuning Unlimited. Piloting this machine were automotive celebrities Tarzan Yamada and Dai Yoshihara. This race was also Spoon founder Tatsuru Ichishima’s final race before his retirement from the company.

Spoon Collection 2023 Set For Holiday Release.


Collect all 7 cars and the first 10 people get a digital poster.

Collect all race cars Dai Yoshihara has raced: ZF1, FD2 and FK9. The first 10 people get a gift from Dai.

Special Gift at Honda Meet 2023 USA

Virtual Meet & Greet with Aaron Wang, Spoon Sports USA President, and Dai Yoshihara

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The story behind this Collection.

In the early 2000’s while I was still at my previous company, the president of Spoon Japan, Ichishima-san, contacted me about bringing over a JDM Honda Accord EuroR (CL7) race car to the U.S. Our team had helped Spoon with its U.S. marketing in the past, and we accepted the amazing opportunity right away. As content marketers, we knew the kind of attention a Spoon race car could generate. 

The EuroR wasn’t exactly a Type R, but it was still an R-badged Honda from its JDM lineup, along with the DC5 Integra and EP3 Civic Type R. At the time, there were no "R" offerings in the U.S.  

Once the car arrived in Los Angeles, we displayed it at various events and made it available to major tuner and motorsports magazines. But Ichishima-san’s grand vision was for Spoon to challenge the 25 Hours of Thunderhill in December of 2003. This is how Spoon’s official U.S. racing history kicked off.  

Since that day, Spoon has entered the 25 Hours of Thunderhill numerous times with different vehicles that ranged from various Civic Type Rs to even a Honda Fit. The latest was in December 2021 where the team won its class with the FK8 Civic Type R. These projects have always been a collaborative effort between the JDM tuner brand’s U.S. representatives and a group of drivers and mechanics flying out from the homeland. The race cars were always built in Japan and flown to the U.S. Spoon has always believed endurance racing was the best way to conduct R&D, build teamwork and market the brand. It has stuck to this formula from the very beginning. 

We are very excited about this collaboration to offer a piece of Spoon's racing heritage. Stay tuned for more information about this epic collection!

Best regards, 

Taro Koki
Co-founder, President & CEO